• Concerts
  • Liturgy
  • Praise & Worship
  • Adoration
  • Retreat Music (Dana works with hosts’ retreat schedules, providing a mixture of energy-packed musical icebreakers, praise & worship and more.)


Some of Dana’s speaking topics include:

  • Giving God My “Yes” (for all ages): In this talk, Dana shares her testimony of how the Lord used the ups and downs of her college years to prepare her to say ‘’yes” to His Will for her and her music. Using her story as a framework, Dana points out steps she took, steps God often leads every discerning person through, which helped her to desire and discern what He was asking her to do with her life after college. Throughout this talk, Dana discusses the walls (pride, vanity, need for approval, need for control, etc) around our hearts that frequently prevent us from hearing God’s voice, the need for an active prayer life, the importance of childlike trust in the Lord, and fears that commonly cause us to turn away from God’s Will. As she shares the struggles she encountered and the lessons she learned from her personal discernment experience, Dana calls all to give God their “fiat,” echoing Pope Saint John Paul II’s promise: Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.

  • The Truth About Beauty (for teen girls & young women): In this talk, Dana confronts the superficial beauty standards society often sells to young women through movies, magazines and social media. Dana reinforces the message that true beauty isn’t found in physical appearance but is instead found in the heart. Using Scripture, her personal testimony, and the examples of the Saints, Dana calls young women to remember that they are beautiful first and foremost because they reflect the image of their Creator. Dana dives deeper into the topics of self-image, discernment, and the importance of prayer as she encourages every young woman to uniquely reveal God’s beauty to the world by striving to become the person He made them to be.

  • Conquering Chaos & Finding Peace (for all ages): In this talk, Dana encourages her audience to conquer the anxieties of their everyday lives by opening their hearts to the unshakable peace of Christ. Dana highlights three main ways in which we may be allowing chaos to reign in our hearts, and explores how we can change the way we think, pray, and live to invite the peace of God to reign instead. As she shares anecdotes of her own experiences and dives into the story of Peter walking on water, Dana discusses topics including how to remember our true identity in Christ, the necessity of putting God first, how to tell if we're living in spiritual freedom or slavery, and the importance of childlike trust and surrender.

  • "Blessed Are Those Who Believe" (for all ages): “Jesus said to him, 'Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.'” John 20:29 || In this talk, Dana discusses the overwhelming beauty, power and peace found in the Blessed Sacrament. Sharing her memory of one miraculous night that transformed the way she approached the Eucharist forever, Dana reminds listeners that the Sacrament is not just a sign but something more. As she dives into Scripture, her personal witness, and the compelling stories of others, Dana dares her audience to not only believe in the amazing reality of Jesus’ true presence in the Eucharist, but to let that belief change the way they live each day.

All talks include music. Dana can create a talk based on the theme of your event and your particular needs.